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Parent Testimonial

" Kids' Castle was the second school my now 3 1/2 year old has attended. I struggled to find a school to challenge my child academically, yet comfort him as a small child in a new environment. Very please to say that Kids' Castle has met all of my needs. At the age of 3 1/2 my son is reading and eager to learn new things."

- Andrea Hollis

"Kids' Castle is a truly special place for children. You can feel the warmth as soon as you enter the front door. My husband and I send our children to the school with confidence. The curriculum is great and gets the children off to a terrific start in school. The children at Kids' Castle are happy and I have seen them grow not only academically but emotionally and physically over the years. The staff is very competent and they're caring professionals who create an optimal setting for learning and treat each child as if they were their own. What a remarkable place to send your child!"

- Mrs. Nkiru Ifediba

"Kids' Castle is exactly what it's name implies. A magical and fun place, where children grow and learn. The school promotes excellence in all aspects of children's lives, from learning ABC's to discovery of talents, such as sign language, dance, music and even karate. My child has grown exponentially at academics since attending Kids' Castle. Initially, I thought my child was exceptioanl, but then I noticed that all of the children at Kids' Castle work above and beyond grade level. It was then that I realized, it was not my child that was genius, but rather the dedication and determination of Director Ms. Bingham, her teachers and staff who are exceptional at bringing out the potential genius in every child. Kids' Castle is the best!"

- La Toya McLeans

"Our son started at Kids' Castle 4 years ago and graduated from Kindergarten. He started 1st grade and was way ahead in terms of what they teach 1st graders. As we reviewed his work we realized he learned a good portion of it in Pre-K and Kindergarten. They foster an environment that says the sky is the limit. This also applies to the many performances the children participate in, including the 18 month olds! Kids' Castle privides everything a parent wants: structure, love, encouragement and a genuwine investment in our child's future. Our daughter is now attending and I know she will leave Kids' Castle with the same level of smarts, confidence and feelings of love. Thank you Kids' Castle!"

- Taunya Taylor

"I love Kids' Castle. The teachers here take their time with my children. I have 3 children and I am very pleased. I highly recommend Kids' Castle. Two of my children are at charter schools, doing very well due to Kids' Castle preparing them."

- Crisann Fuller

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