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Kids' Castle is a center to care for and educate children at an early age, which can be challenging. Childcare requires dedication, love and patience to be successful. Many years of dreaming, planning and experience have gone into the establishment of Kids' Castle. Now we are living our dream.

We have planned a program to develop optimum intellectual and social skills to cope with our rapidly changing world. Early education and training are essential tools for the development of the individual skills necessary for the development of a stable society. We will have a positive and profound influence on the lives of preschool age children in an honest and responsible manner. Each child in his / her own creative style will be teacher supported in an individualized program fulfilling academic success.

Students will be encouraged to become self-discipline as they engage in parallel, associative and cooperative activities. Overall attention is focused on the curriculum, site furnishing and equipment. Opportunities for dynamic interaction between the children and staff will contribute to the high quality and success of our program.

Ms. Deserine Bingham


Ms. Lynette Jones-Sawyer 


Dr. Cheryl Bingham


Mrs. Lauren McNally


Mr. Reginald Byron Jones-Woods 


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